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Nei Kung
The internal art of nei kung emphasises training the coordination of the individual's body with the breath, known has the harmonisation of the inner and outer, creating a basis for a method of utilising power and technique.
Nei Kung exercises involve cultivating physical stillness and or conscious (deliberate) movement, designed to produce relaxation or releasing of muscular tension combined with special breathing techniques known as the "tortoise" or "reverse" breathing methods to name but a few. The fundamental purpose of this process is to develop a high level of coordination, concentration and technical skill whose ultimate purpose of this practice is for the individual to achieve a heightened self-awareness that increases over time with continued practice. Nei Kung practitioners report awareness of the mechanics of their blood circulation, peristalsis, muscular movement, skeletal alignment, balance, etc. As Zhuangzi stated, "Heaven, earth and I are born of one, and I am at one with all that exists.
1. Nei Kung Essentials

Course description:
Nei Kung is an internal art ("Nei" means internal, "Kung" means work) of cultivating the vital energy (Qi) to flow freely and smoothly throughout the meridians and to condition structural elements of the body. This internal vital energy exercise helps build so called "reservoir" of Qi in the body which gets activated for use. One would feel energized with this intense energy as one practices regularly.
Topics include:
Concept of Qi flow
Relaxation and breathing
Nei Kung exercise requirements
Course length: 4 hours (mostly practice)
2. "Copper Ring Fist" Nei Kung

Course description:
This course is primarily intended for those who would want to master the dynamics of vital energy (Qi). The combination of proper breathing patterns and alignment of the body postures produce strength and flexibility both on the muscles level and structural level. It conditions the body structure with the capacity of the vital energy from inside out.
Topics include:
Requirements for practice
Mental discipline and training
Methods of practice the "copper ring fist" Nei Kung
Course lenght: 4 hours (mostly practice)