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Wellness and Spirit

................................................................... to live a truly awakened life

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Wellness and Spirit is a holistic healing center where we help individuals discover their
gifts and grace to heal their bodies and heal their souls.  



Our goal is to help put your body into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to facilitate your own healing qualities to achieve and maintain your wellness.

Our healing modalities include medical qigong therapy, herbal medicine, meditation, and nutritional counseling.

Our therapies work with your natural vital energies to promote the body’s natural healing abilities.

We welcome you to explore the time-tested benefits of Vietnamese, Chinese and complementary Asian healing arts.
Our Services
We offer classes, workshops and seminars customized to your wellness needs. We work with individuals and groups both large and small.
Wellness radiates from within. We strive to help you identify, strengthen and release your healing qualities of both body and spirit.
We have helped many people and groups achieve their wellness goals over the last 25 years. Let us help you.
About Our Director
The Director of the program, Francis H. Tran, is a Energy Healing master and has extensive training in Traditional Vietnamese Zen, Martial Arts and Therapeutic Qigong. He has taught Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi in the last 25 years primarily throughout the Northeast. Click here for his biography.
Wellness and Spirit
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